City Clerk Faye Johnston

I would like to welcome visitors to the City Clerk section of our website. We are excited about having the capability of providing the citizens of Forest with the latest information regarding important decisions being made in our City.

The office of City Clerk  is responsible for a broad range of administrative and clerical support for city departments and the public.  The City Clerk attends all meetings of the Mayor and Board of Alderman and maintaining minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, easements and other official documents are the responsibility of the City Clerk.  The City Clerk is also responsible for elections within the municipality.

Property taxes (real and personal) and water and sewer charges are collected in the office of the City Clerk.  We now offer the ability to pay water and sewer charges and taxes by credit or debit card.  You may pay online at: or call (877)793-7925.  Privilege licenses are obtained through this office and applications may be picked up at City Hall.  Cemetery lots are sold and plot records are maintained by the City Clerk’s office.  Record requests, under the Public Information Act, are coordinated by this office as well.  Court fines are collected at our police department.  You can contact them at (601)469-4141.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

120 South Davis Street, P.O. Box 298, Forest, MS 39074
Phone: (601)469-2921
Fax: (601)469-3224

For more information on obtaining a Privilege License click here.


Executive Order No. 2020-1

Executive Order No. 2020-2

Executive Order No. 2020-2A