Privilege License

All businesses operating within the city limits must have a privilege license. To obtain a privilege license the following information must be brought to City Hall with appropriate application fees:

A temporary privilege license will be issued until inspection report from the Code and Zone Officer and the Fire Chief are completed. The privilege license will then be mailed.   If business relocates a new privilege license must be obtained.

Transit Vendor License

A transit vendor license, valid for 90 days, is required for temporary businesses.  To obtain a transit vendor license the following must be brought to City Hall with application fee ($250.00):

  • Completed Privilege License Application
  • Federal EIN number
  • Sales Tax ID
  • Copy of Bond and Insurance
  • Letter from property owner granting permission for business to be located on property

Door To Door Selling  

For Door to Door Selling Ordinance No. 442 click here.

For Door to Door Selling Application click here

Please call City Hall (601)469-2921 with any questions.